Tijana Zegura

Tijana Zegura



Program Director, Harm Reduction Program

CV (in English)

As I have already discussed with my colleagues from South East Europe region on several occasions, I think that we are not either represented, or active enough in neither European nor global level. While most countries of my region are facing termination of harm reduction services in next year or two, others have already terminated service provision. That is why we are putting all of our efforts in pressuring our governments to apply pro- harm reduction, public health and human rights oriented drug policies, as well as to ensure continuation of service provision financed by states. 
I strongly believe that closer cooperation between organizations from South East Europe countries and EHRN could provide us with wide range of support, especially one during transitional process in a time when GFATM is leaving region, and most countries are trying to access EU. Also, we can benefit from expertise provided by EHRN regarding researches, service provision methodologies, advocacy, etc.
At the other hand, our region can provide EHRN with strong participation, as we already discussed how important is to unite and become an active part of strong harm reduction network. As most of organization in our region are providing harm reduction services for more than a decade, as well as participating in national development of drug policies, we can also contribute in experience exchange. 
Personally, I have very good cooperation with most of organizations in a region, as we already implemented several regional initiatives, during last 12 years that I am working in harm reduction field. Also, I share the vision of EHRN, and think that our actions can really matter at local, national and even worldwide level. 

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