Strengthening the response of non-state actors to growing needs of women who use drugs

Project goal and objectives: include building the capacity of non-state actors to enable them to engage in advocacy and provide services that increase access by women who use drugs to HIV prevention, testing, and treatment, as well as to specific prevention of mother-to-child transmission services. In particular, the project seeks to improve access to quality HIV services for women who use drugs; to advance national policy related to the needs of women drug users by building capacity in harm reduction and women’s non-state agencies to constructively engage in policy dialogue; and to strengthen partnerships, cooperation and sharing of good practices between the project partners and the non-state actors of the countries participating in the project.

Key activities: include training of trainers and technical assistance to service providers, national networks and partners; strengthening local coalitions and referral services; exchanging best practice and lessons learned; planning advocacy strategies for the participating countries; promoting networking, information sharing and cooperation; and establishing the project advocacy group.

Expected results: include improved access to high quality, gender-sensitive harm reduction services in the 13 local target sites benefiting 4,000 women, and reshaped policy and legislation generated through the increased advocacy capacity of national harm reduction networks benefiting 527,990 women who use drugs in the participating countries. The project will result in an increased number of women drug users with enhanced knowledge about health topics and their rights, increased number of trained healthcare providers, and enhanced understanding among national/local stakeholder organisations about the gaps in services for women drug users and about ways to close these gaps.

To discover more on the topic and get access to advocacy materials developed under the framework of the current project, visit the section Issues: Women Who Use Drugs.

To join the regional advocacy campaign developed under the framework of the current project visit the section Take Action: WOMEN AGAINST VIOLENCE.

To learn more how to address specific needs of women who use drugs, upload training modules "Harm reduction services for women who use drugs" developed under the framework of the current project."

"Strengthening the response of non-state actors to growing needs of women who use drugs" is implemented by Eurasian Harm Reduction Network. Project is funded by the European Union.



Completed projects
Countries covered by the project
Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaidjan, Georgia
Project timeline
January 2012 - December 2014
Total budget
813,727.00 EUR (EC funding: 649,500.00 EUR)
Project donor
European Commission (EC)

Women who use drugs in EECA: Epidemiological situation and access to HIV prevention and  treatment services in 6 countries (click on the map below)

 Women who use drugs in EECA: Epidemiological situation and  gender specific HIV prevention and treatment services in some EECA cities (click on the map below)