Draft framework for sustainability to guide EECA countries in transition

How can EECA countries transition to domestic funding of harm reduction, HIV and TB responses?

25 September 2015

The “Technical consultation on transition to domestic funding of HIV and TB responses and their programmatic sustainability in EECA” took place in Istanbul on 21 – 22 of July 2015 and was organized by The Secretariat of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria together with the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN).

The aim of the consultation was to lay the foundation for the development of a feasible framework for sustainability planning and responsible transition from Global Fund support to national funding in EECA, including such key parameters as principles, processes, algorithms/mechanisms, timelines, specific areas and sources of required technical support that would ensure the success of the transition leading to financial and programmatic sustainability of HIV and TB responses. The consultation gathered key stakeholders, including national government agencies, donor organizations, technical support providers, UN agencies, civil society and communities, to discuss transition and sustainability in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA).

Specific objectives of the consultation were:

• To examine the lessons learnt on transition from selected countries;

• To define key elements and timelines to be included in a Framework for Sustainability and Transition that could serve as guidance for the Global Fund and countries in transition;

• To identify areas and sources of required technical support for sustainability;

• To agree on next steps and opportunities towards responsible transition for the EECA region as a whole.

Following the consultation, the organizing team has utilized the consultation outputs to develop a draft Framework for Transition to Sustainability, underpinned by common principles that guide a transition to government funding of HIV and TB that ensures sustainability of these programs and their capacity to continue to achieve health gains.

The draft framework is presented in the report "Transition and sustainability of HIV and TB responses in Eastern Europe and Central Asia". It is work in progress and intended for further consideration, refinement and field-testing by partners. The EHRN, the Global Fund Secretariat, regional networks of key populations and technical partners intend improving the draft as part of country-level and other consultations throughout August-December of 2015 and also using experiences and best practices outside of the EECA region.

Ultimately, a completed framework should be used as a starting point for countries to define their own roadmaps to transition. Whether or not more explicit guidance is needed to accompany the framework is to be decided after field-testing is completed and all feedback is integrated. An updated framework is expected to be available for presentation to stakeholders at the High-Level Regional Dialogue to be held in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, on 28-30 September 2015.